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I'm not happy with how things went down.

I'm writing this the morning after, on Thursday 22nd July 2010. Not whenever this actually appears on your friends list.

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Jun. 14th, 2010 03:37 pm
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The point has been raised that I have a lot of antagonistic characters. I'm not sure I agree, but I want to do a run down anyway.

ETA: I'll be fair, the comment was "characters with antagonist views".

Laine (Lost)
Laine is stubborn, angry and honest. He doesn't trust most other Lost (they've given him no reason to), and he dislikes a lot of things - seeing them as just making yourself out to be more like Them. This includes Wyrd, Contracts, Entitlements and Courts. And he doesn't like swearing himself to follow others - that's just swearing yourself into slavery. He won't stop anyone else from going against his opinion. And he keeps his opinion to himself for the most part. No one's interested in what he has to say, so why bother saying it?

He joined Summer for several reasons, the most obvious of which was that there was no one else. And he did it for the good of the Freehold because he'd found out about a crisis and he was going to be fucked if he was going to have everything fall apart because of it.

He has deep-seated principles, and there are only a few things that will make him break them. Other characters' opinions aren't one of them. He is steadfastly and obstinately Courtless - and he won't take threats about his choice lying down.

But when it comes down to it, he'll do just about anything for his mates, or for Dunasheen if its needed.

ETA: He also doesn't trust anyone who needs to be under a pledge to keep their word. In Lost society, people who don't keep their word shouldn't be trusted anyway. After all, if they'll break their word so casually, can you guarantee they won't just break a pledge as well?

Nathan (Forsaken)
He's an arrogant, pissed off, headstrong cop who doesn't see why werewolves should get away with mortal law. On the other hand, he's reached a point of "if I don't see it, it didn't happen". He's also arranging cover-ups and finding information.

But he doesn't get on with people outside of Edinburgh, and he has no reason to. That's outside of his territory, outside his city - why the hell should he care? He's signed up for the Hunt and that's the only good reason he's really been given to step outside Edinburgh for the most part.

He's not a social character really. He's blunt, but he's honest, and he won't mess you around.

Charlie Wax (Requiem)
Now, Charlie is an antagonistic motherfucker. He's designed to cause trouble, make people think about what they're prepared to do, and put some viciousness into the game. I made a pledge to myself when I wrote Charlie - that I would never back down from doing something because it was a PC or a friend.

He's supposed to be a monster, he's supposed to be horrific. If he gets killed, he gets killed, but I'm going to see how far I can push things first.

Henderson (Awakening)
Now, Henderson I would never have said was antagonistic. He's a social character, open and friendly, looking to make the world a better place from the ground up.

On the other hand, he seems to have some fairly strong views on things. This has come out more this year as I've been playing through him, and it's caused issue.

Thing is, that's how it's supposed to be for him. He's fueled by passion, and fire burns within him. He's a firestarter, a rabble-rouser. He can make people march on Parliament with a few words - that's the type of character he is. He's an activist, and he knows where he's heading.

But fire goes where it will, and it's hard to control. As we witnessed at the last Anglesey game.

Rocker (Created)
Rocker is an individualist. He doesn't really get other people, and he's not one for making the first move. He really only cares about his music and his friends/Throng.

He's prone to anger and outbursts of rage on occasion, but for the most part he's happy to sit on the sidelines watching.

On the other hand, he's a Promethean. He's strange - go figure.

Spook (Mortals)
Spook was a complete headcase. Bugnuts crazy. And worse if you hit his triggers. I enjoyed Spook, I enjoyed playing Spook - he had a very different take on the world.

I can't say that everyone else felt the same.

You know what? That's my primaries done (well, Laine's not a primary, but...). I'm bored of this now, and I can't be arsed to continue. That's my current primaries though - I've lost a couple that weren't antagonistic at all. At least not until William's buttons were pushed.

I wrote this out, and now, now I'm not sure I want to post it. Because my own stubbornness is kicking in and I don't see why I should have to justify my characters to anyone.

I'm sick of all the bullshit that's happening right now, and I'm half-tempted to say "fuck you all" and leave the society. I won't because in the end, either someone will convince me to stay, or I'll decide that the friendships are worth the bullshit. But I'm sorely tempted.
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Following the challenge of [livejournal.com profile] annwfyn where she asked people to list:

1) a proper character flaw
2) an example of behaving badly in background/with NPCs
3) an example of behaving badly with PCs
4) a true, but uncharitable description
5) and a redeeming feature

of their characters, I've decided to give it a go with my many characters - one from each venue. At least for now.

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A Letter

Mar. 18th, 2010 09:24 am
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To every ST that I've made despair.
To every ST that I've made groan.
To every ST that I've made grin.
To every ST that I've confused.
To every ST that I've made double-take.
To every ST that's asked if I'm crazy.
To every ST that I haven't done this to.

Thank you, thank you all.

Thank you for putting up with the crazy, the insanity, the general chaos and my general quirks. Thank you for putting up with everyone else' too. Thanks for the great games that wouldn't exist without you.

Just in general, thank you.

- Yoda.

Who knew?

Mar. 18th, 2010 12:25 am
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Lengths I am apparently willing to go to for my characters...

  1. Wearing nothing but tattered rags, fake blood and bandages. In October. Outside. Barefoot on tarmac, gravel and mud.

  2. Applying food colouring to my eyes for the right effect.

  3. Using PVA glue for scar effects. Over my eyebrows.

  4. Wearing uncomfortably warm/cold clothing because it's in character.

  5. Ignoring severe pain in order to keep roleplaying.

  6. Spending half an hour on makeup, only to leave within an hour of timing in.

  7. Spending half an hour applying elaborate makeup that's then hidden under clothing so no one ever sees it.

And I've probably missed some. At least I haven't given myself hypothermia yet...
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I have a few characters, well more than a few across all the venues. And I'm thinking of maybe not having so many.

The ones I'm truly thinking of dropping are my Mortals characters which dismays me for a number of reasons, but I don't get to play them, and there's no real place for Spook in the chronicle any more. I've also been finding it increasingly hard to play him of late when I have had the chance to.

The other characters I'm contemplating dropping are Just Tom - one of my Requiem secondaries, Ben - my other Requiem secondary and Tim - one of my Lost secondaries. Just Tom is an interesting character, but he's not got a lot to do. Much the same with Tim. The main problem with them is that I came up with the idea, and the sheet and then didn't actually put much thought into their goals, or aspirations. It's made things a bit.. lacking. Tim is getting to be a more interesting character, as he finds things to do, but I have other reasons for potentially retiring him as well. Just Tom is crazy (but not like Spook was) and that's a bit fun to play, but the lack of things to do is definitely affecting my enjoyment of playing him. Ben on the other hand has goals, but no drive and nothing really to do at games. Being a ghoul, Ben doesn't have a lot to do at court and that makes things less interesting for me.

So, supposing I remove the aforementioned characters from my repertoire, who does it leave me with?

William - Daeva Lancea Sanctum Mendicant/Painter - who I can't play locally

Nathan - Elodoth Blood Talon Cop

Henderson - Obrimos Free Council Student - also see [livejournal.com profile] henderson_ic
Taliesin (Tal) - Proximus Musician

Laine - Wizened Chatelaine Courtless Hotellier
Jerusalem - Fairest Dancer/Manikin Autumn Lord and Businessman - Glasgow (closed games)

Rocker - Wretched Cuprum Musician/Biker
Jamie - Ulgan Argentum Mythbuster

no one


Pending-Great-Deeds - Cliath Ragabash Shadowlord

I've been trying to get into the habit of writing fics more often. That said, if there's any of the above people would like to see more fics of, then let me know. Perfectly willing to take requests.
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You know what single thing makes my game every time it happens? No matter what the venue, or who the character is?

It's quite simple really.

It's the point where I realise I've just discovered something new about my character. Something I didn't know before. Something that makes them what they are.

In some ways I'm quite of the belief that characters we create are something of ourselves - some part of our conscious or subconscious that surfaces and emerges primarily through the roleplay of that character.

Rocker for instance is an expression of my anger, the collected rage and emotion bottled up inside. (And there's a revelation for you as well)

But that gets away from the point of this post.

Last night, Laine revealed to me a lot. I know his goals, I know why he wants to expand his business, I know how he treats his friends and I know he hates being torn between keeping his Freehold safe and being Courtless.

So, yeh, Laine told me a lot last night. And it's up to me to act on that for him.

Tell me, do I sound a little bit crazy? Because it sounds to me like I am...
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You have a single adjective. Just one tiny, little adjective, to sum up a character. Which one do you choose?

The adjectives I've chosen represent them as they currently are in play (or not in some cases)

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ETA: Lots :)

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