Mar. 24th, 2010 12:29 pm
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So far today, I have resisted the urge to curl up into a ball and cry.

And damn I wish I didn't have to.
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So, I feel like dropping some barriers.

And so, in recogition of this fact, I'm asking a favour. This isn't a meme - unless you make it one - but it is based on the general ideas of them.

So, to get to the point, would people mind doing the following?

First, tell me what name you think of me by. Second, tell me what I am to you - be it friend, family or something else. Thirdly, can you describe me or how you feel about me in as few or as many words as you like.

Then, optionally, I invite you to ask me a question. Any question you like. And I'll be as open and honest as I can be with the response. If you want to ask me more, then I won't mind too much.

This might be partially for my own sanity, and so I'd appreciate any responses.

- y.

Too long

Apr. 15th, 2009 12:38 am
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People have been telling me to do a real post for ages, and so here it is...

Basically, I quit McDonalds at the end of March. This was to go into the opportunity of "Trainee Sales Manager". Turns out that "Trainee Sales Manager" actually means there's a 6-stage development programme reminiscent of a pyramid scheme that involves 10-11 hour days. Also means I'm self-employed and purely "paid" from the commissions I earn. This has been repeatedly wiping me out in more ways than one.

Today, I went into work, told them I intended to pack it in and as a result am on a leave of sorts while I decide what I want to do. Incidentally, I think McDonalds still have me as an employee on the system because I think Ali's fudging things so her numbers look better. I'm probably going to phone McDonalds HR with my concerns going "I left last month and I'm still getting McTime texts and I know I'm on the rota as being 'on holiday' - want to tell her off?"

So, had a good day today involving much shopping and purchasing of books.

Until I get home from Forsaken that is. Because I take my laptop out of my bag, switch it on and go "why isn't it working?" Screen's fucked. Or the graphics card is. Or something is and the screen is suffering as a result. Either way it seems I have to take it to Comet and go "fix plz". I seem to remember that not going well last time I tried it. May also involve finding the receipt...

ETA: Incidentally, my friends are awesome. Off the top of my head... Rick, Kat and Mags - thanks :D

ETA2: Also, Ruth is uber-awesome

DoC Hacked.

Feb. 9th, 2008 02:59 am
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It looks like DoC’s been hacked. Presumably because I haven’t updated Wordpress in a while and there’s a security vulnerability that’s been taken advantage of. It seems to manifest through the RSS and LJ feeds as interjected links, so if you notice any, let me know.

Thanks, Yoda.

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Right, update time now I have 5 minutes. Well actually, I don’t but I need to make some sort of update…

Laptop is fucked. Again. Borrowing Trenchcoat’s at the moment (Thanks!) so have internet again.

Wii won’t connect to router, so no internet for Wii. I’m going to try changing the router security, see if that helps, but if not, there are other solutions.

Dissertation first deliverable got mixed response. Turns out it’s a crock of shit. Basically. Have to re-do a lot of it in the next couple of weeks.

In other news: coursework coming out of my ass; back is royally fucked - painkillers are being taken fairly regularly now and I have to add co-codemol to the mix if it gets bad (note to self: get more co-codemol); game is going well, I think - players may or may not currently hate me :D - this remains to be seen; McD’s suck, but other jobs seem to not exist for me; oh and elections are coming up again.

Elections… the bane of my year. Once again, I shall be campaigning for the position of President of the Association. With all of the afore-mentioned problems. Great

Still, at least I have anime again. :) And Ugly Betty.

Also, thinking of giving DoC another makeover. Any opinions?

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So what have I done since my last post?

  • Worked on my dissertation - actually put in solid work-hours!
  • Went out drinking for my birthday. Had a small meal as well with close friends.
  • Read many books, watched much anime, seen lots of films.
  • Bought all my Christmas presents at the Christmas Market
  • Bought many custom dice
  • Come back home for Christmas
  • Had repetitive bouts of chronic back pain. (Have prescription painkillers for it) (Should really go and take some now)
  • Created a talking chatbot somewhat representative of Jamie Gabbay
  • Gone practically vegetarian at many points
  • Listened to A Very Scary Solstice
  • Gotten annoyed at the WGA strike meaning my TV watching habits have gone to pot. Not that I disagree with the strike, but I like my American TV…
  • Done lots of lovely work at McDonald’s - especially with doing 11 and 12 hours shifts…
  • Resisted the urge to buy lots of stuff from Liam’s
  • Started doing Camarilla - or more to the point Changeling
    • Also did the Cam Regionals as an NPC and played ghosts the entire time I was there :D

Also, anyone got a suggestion for a quote to go on my Gamers t-shirt?

Oh yes, and have yourselves a scary little solstice!

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Is it really treason if you weren’t a member of the nation to begin with?

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Jul. 26th, 2007 09:54 am
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fecking resits.

they’re hell on organisation. I won’t know until maybe mid-August when my resits will be and I still have to organise transport to the Gath. I can’t organise that until I know when they’ll be, because the resits will be sometime between the Thurs before that G and the Thurs after. So how much of the G I can attend is decided by the resits as well. Joy.

Results are under cut for those who care more than me :)

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Yesterday (or the day before), I got mail from America - the ICHC buttons! They’re schweet!

Today, I got the Maelstrom mailshot through the mail (though it arrived in Shetland a while ago). It’s shiny and now I have less excuse to not play. :)

Today in Shetland, I got the second of my sets of the Star Wars: Legacy comics delivered (well ok, they arrived a while ago) (they sent two sets by accident and said to keep both sets! :)) as well as a letter from the Heriot-Watt Comp Sci dept.

Now I asked my mum to open it when I got home. Inside it contained one very important piece of news… I got into 4th Year!!! So so schweet…

Of course today had to have downsides as well. Yesterday I worked a 2-close (9 hour shift) and got asked to come in early today. (I was supposed to do another 2-close, but did a 12-close instead). I said ok since I wasn’t doing anything else today.

So first things first… 11-hour shift. I’m beat. Really really beat. I have been for the last 5 hours. I had trouble using a lobby-scoop earlier. Secondly, damn I get bitchy after working that long. Thirdly, ow my feet… really ow… and god the sweat…

Now it was my own fault, but I was up till like 2 last night. (But I did a lot of work on the Sapphire Court ley) And got up at 9. So so far, I’ve had a 15 and a half hour day, 10 of which was actual work plus an hours break on 7 hours of sleep. If it was a normal uni day, that wouldn’t faze me at all, but damn it’s hit me hard today.

And I start work at 11:45 tomorrow as well. And my uniforms are in the wash, so I’ll have to dry them in the morning. Yay..

But tomorrow, I should be finished by 8pm, so I may hit the pub, or the cinema, or both… Anyone doing anything specific tomorrow night?

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and quit the party early. Though it went against everything I stood for.

Damn having to be headed to work in 7 hours…

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So, over the last week, I’ve spent ~23 hours in Shetland, ~72 hours in Derby, ~10 hours in Aberdeen, ~53 hours on a boat and ~19 hours on trains as well as a smattering of time in Edinburgh. But now I’m back here for the summer :)

Start work again tomorrow with around twice the hours I had during term time, so more money! :D I’ll be doing front counter most likely as well since Martin wants to get me trained up on that (it’s the only area of the store I haven’t been trained in).

@Vicky: I have to say that I’m more likely to be taken up as a ley hero than you my dear… Though I have plans which I need to set in motion…

I have my sword back - it’s been remade and is shiny, but I never had cause to use it at the Moot. Wonder why…

Fucked up this morning though. Slept in (an impressive feat considering the PAs they broadcast) on the boat and missed my train. Had to buy a new fecking ticket which I couldn’t afford. I mean that’s probably going to instigate overdraft charges.

But I saw Doctor Who on Monday morning (I managed to get online and start downloading on Sunday night) so I don’t need to worry about the spoilers that managed to get everywhere. I mean there were spoilers in the Metro I picked up on Monday after watching the ep.

I’m half contemplating going out to the cinema tonight… the only decent thing on is Die Hard 4.0, but it’s something to do. Might wait till Sarah & co return though.

Suppose I could just watch more anime… :D

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