Dec. 4th, 2009 03:49 am
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I've been laughing more recently.

This is only significant in that I never used to.

Not that I didn't laugh, but I didn't laugh out loud. I remember being in first year at uni and merely sniggering or chuckling.

I don't know what's changed, but these last few months I've been laughing - laughing properly and out loud at things.

I think I've started to be freer with my emotions, but I'm not sure. Been bottling them up so long, it's hard to tell.

The last few months have kinda been and emotional rollercoaster. When it all smooths out again, I'm hoping I'll still be laughing.

- y.
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I finally remembered to do things in time and so today, for the first time, my business cards for Laine arrived.

For those of you that are not aware, Laine is my Changeling: the Lost secondary in IoD who runs a Hotel in Inverness. And now I have many business cards that attest to this fact. :D As well as a free pen!

I also managed to get two rubber stamps for the princely sum of £0.08. One says "APPROVED" in black ink, the other "Denied!" in red. I'm going to have fun with those...

Also arriving today was my new phone - the HTC Magic (otherwise known as the Google G2). They're not actually out till next week, so when Vodafone phoned me yesterday and said "you know you said you were interested in upgrading to the HTC Magic? Do you want it delivered tomorrow?" I said "yes!" and lo' it did arrive and is currently charging. :D

So all I need now is a job...


Apr. 15th, 2009 02:39 pm
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I read things on the Acer website wrong. So am currently on phone to Acer. Long hold time...

Crappy hold music. At least this might mean not being able to find the receipt isn't a terrible thing.

And I was on hold so long they put me to voicemail. Which was full. Hmm...

*phones back*

Too long

Apr. 15th, 2009 12:38 am
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People have been telling me to do a real post for ages, and so here it is...

Basically, I quit McDonalds at the end of March. This was to go into the opportunity of "Trainee Sales Manager". Turns out that "Trainee Sales Manager" actually means there's a 6-stage development programme reminiscent of a pyramid scheme that involves 10-11 hour days. Also means I'm self-employed and purely "paid" from the commissions I earn. This has been repeatedly wiping me out in more ways than one.

Today, I went into work, told them I intended to pack it in and as a result am on a leave of sorts while I decide what I want to do. Incidentally, I think McDonalds still have me as an employee on the system because I think Ali's fudging things so her numbers look better. I'm probably going to phone McDonalds HR with my concerns going "I left last month and I'm still getting McTime texts and I know I'm on the rota as being 'on holiday' - want to tell her off?"

So, had a good day today involving much shopping and purchasing of books.

Until I get home from Forsaken that is. Because I take my laptop out of my bag, switch it on and go "why isn't it working?" Screen's fucked. Or the graphics card is. Or something is and the screen is suffering as a result. Either way it seems I have to take it to Comet and go "fix plz". I seem to remember that not going well last time I tried it. May also involve finding the receipt...

ETA: Incidentally, my friends are awesome. Off the top of my head... Rick, Kat and Mags - thanks :D

ETA2: Also, Ruth is uber-awesome

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