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Following the challenge of [livejournal.com profile] annwfyn where she asked people to list:

1) a proper character flaw
2) an example of behaving badly in background/with NPCs
3) an example of behaving badly with PCs
4) a true, but uncharitable description
5) and a redeeming feature

of their characters, I've decided to give it a go with my many characters - one from each venue. At least for now.

They're under here... )
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I am now the proud recipient of Jobseekers Allowance. This makes me happy. And means I momentarily have money. And that I can keep myself afloat until I have another job.

Thing is, I sent the manager at McDs an email asking if I could maybe get my job back. Two hours later the DWP phone me back and tell me the first payment would be in my account yesterday (ok, so I'm late posting this - sue me).

This made Yoda much happy.

In other things, my Mortals reports are finally done - yay for 5-page long reports... and I've managed to hit the cinema recently. So in rankings of how much I liked them...

1. Star Trek
Simply blew me away from start to finish. There were a few points where I umm-ahhed, but they were few and far-between. I am not ashamed to admit that I had tears on my face after the beginning scene with Kirk's father. The film was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

2. Doghouse
More a horror than I expected from the blurb. You don't expect films with "zombirds" to be quite so scary. But it was. Comedic as well, with space for laughs and adventure, but my arm was dead from Ruth's death-grip...

3. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen
Classic plot, classic bad guys. Fantastic action and special effects. But there were just a few elements that made it somewhat... less than it could be. The "twins" weren't necessary, but did provide a good amount of comic relief which worked well. As much as I like that humans can beat Transformers, I dislike bringing in classic characters just to kill them off again. Like Devastator and the Constructicons. On the other hand, where's Hot Rod? Have to say I did like the new Arcees. They worked nicely.
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Simply put it comes down to this: have two characters die in spectacular fashion, but in different ways as a direct result of them dabbling with something they didn't understand. This was what happened at the Edinburgh Mortals game on Saturday.

The two characters in question had befriended a weird and creepy little doll-automaton they called Sally. Now Sally was a creation that horrified even its creator - causing him to run and hide. Not that they knew this. They uncovered Sally long after she had been abandoned.

And they made her family, at least of sorts.

Recently, an NPC group attacked the home where Sally was kept and "kidnapped" her. They forcibly removed the device that made her work and analysed it. The characters went on an quest to get her back. They got the body back and then they got the device back. With one of them losing a fair chunk of morality in the process.

They then attempted to put her back together. And when that didn't work tried adding blood. Still no effect, but they started tainting it and giving it an innate connection to them. One of them, being knowledgeable in such things, suggested investing a portion of will into the device. So they sacrificed first Willpower points, then a Dot.

And it worked, it came back to life. Except, they only had a 40% chance of it working the way they wanted. An additional 30% chance wasn't innately harmful. The last 30%, which is where they ended up, was malicious, harmful and ended up seriously injuring several characters, killing one directly and a second indirectly. The two that died are the two that brought it to life.

The other characters through a sheer force of effort and will managed to stop it - but it wouldn't have been possible within the time-frame they had had the first two not started the job.

But how the hell are they going to explain what happened to the freaked out TV crew, the ambulance men who turned up, the police...

What are they going to do with the remains of the Sally-thing? Will the opportunity for it to happen again be there, or will they try and destroy it?

Who knows? But they've had a lesson that things really aren't sweet and innocent in the World of Darkness.
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[Poll #1410859]

ETA: ANST Mortals is the position of Associate National Storyteller catering to the Mortals venue within the Isles of Darkness society (formerly Camarilla UK). The position has just gone up for an all-call (meaning they want people to apply to do the job) this morning. I've been the ANST Mortals Legacy (meaning I take over if something happens to the ANST Mortals [or they go on holiday]) for the past year.

On the one hand, it's something I've been thinking about doing for a little while. On the other, it's a serious commitment and I think I might have something else that'll take priority, but I can't comment on that at the moment, or even be sure if I'll be needed for that.

So, yeh.. just a bit of a big decision whether or not I go for it. I applied for it last year during the last all-call, and I'd been in the society 2/3 months at the time. Now, I have a few more responsibilities, and I think I might need to take care of things closer to home rather than look to the skies at the moment.

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