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Ok, so it was Christmas, but the alliteration looked better. And the Solstice songs are better. :D

I got stuffs!

Have a handmade woven silver bracelet, chocolate shots, Neverwhere on DVD, Scrubs season 2, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, Boom Blox: Bash Party (all 3 for the Wii), some money, the mandatory toiletries and a brand spanking new 1.5TB external hard drive. Least that's what I remember without going downstairs. Oh and some chocolates.

And of course there was Christmas dinner with duck, mutton and all the trimmings. And a proper homemade-and-marinated-in-brandy-for-months Christmas pudding with Cornish clotted cream. And we'll have another one tomorrow. :D

I'm on an enforced ST-break from Leaping Stag, given that after a month of it, I was starting to burn out from the stress.

Been playing WoW. Just got my main to level 20 last night. Yes, I know, I suck. But that's in under 30 hours playtime and I've only been on this account 3 weeks.

Umm... think that's about all I got...

Hope you're all having a good holiday.

- y.
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So what have I done since my last post?

  • Worked on my dissertation - actually put in solid work-hours!
  • Went out drinking for my birthday. Had a small meal as well with close friends.
  • Read many books, watched much anime, seen lots of films.
  • Bought all my Christmas presents at the Christmas Market
  • Bought many custom dice
  • Come back home for Christmas
  • Had repetitive bouts of chronic back pain. (Have prescription painkillers for it) (Should really go and take some now)
  • Created a talking chatbot somewhat representative of Jamie Gabbay
  • Gone practically vegetarian at many points
  • Listened to A Very Scary Solstice
  • Gotten annoyed at the WGA strike meaning my TV watching habits have gone to pot. Not that I disagree with the strike, but I like my American TV…
  • Done lots of lovely work at McDonald’s - especially with doing 11 and 12 hours shifts…
  • Resisted the urge to buy lots of stuff from Liam’s
  • Started doing Camarilla - or more to the point Changeling
    • Also did the Cam Regionals as an NPC and played ghosts the entire time I was there :D

Also, anyone got a suggestion for a quote to go on my Gamers t-shirt?

Oh yes, and have yourselves a scary little solstice!

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By a giggling maniac wielding make-up!


It’s alright - I got in a pre-emptive strike! I used my current idiom of “Do unto others quickly, before they can do it to you!” and attacked her with make-up first. I do like the rose


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And I don’t have that much to say really…

WoD game is going well - possibly too well… I mean [Sam] advanced the plot!

Been to cinema lots recently - definitely getting the use of my card. Ratatouille, Stardust, Res Evil 3 have all been seen this month and I’ll likely go again on Wednesday :)

Work sucks. Don’t think I’ll be getting anything out of McDonalds I don’t already have, so am considering applying other places. I mean if I’m going to have a dead-end job for the next year, I’d rather have one I enjoyed more. Waterstones perhaps, or The Hive…

Been watching much anime. Am now watching Black Lagoon which has pirates, Gundam 00 which is new, Rental Magica, Hero Tales and a few others as well as the staunch favorites. Also read Book 1 of A Song of Fire & Ice by George R.R. Martin - need more!

Still partially deaf and back hurts like hell at times but am surviving. Have only skipped one day’s work due to back so am being good.

And now, since I want to see how peoples’ views have changed, a meme.

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It’s a bit hard to tell…

The last couple of weeks have been fun. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been being a Freshers Helper. Lots of fun!

It really was as well. The days have blurred into each other; there was free food, drink and sweets; there were many fun people; lots of fun events and lots of cool freshers.

Though I am partially deaf after Live Music on Thursday night - need to go arrange an doc’s appointment for that.

Even so, I’d say this is probably the best start to an academic year I’ve ever had. :D

And they let me into 4th year - the fools!

Starting my game tomorrow - or at least the character gen. Should be lots of fun.

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So, over the last week, I’ve spent ~23 hours in Shetland, ~72 hours in Derby, ~10 hours in Aberdeen, ~53 hours on a boat and ~19 hours on trains as well as a smattering of time in Edinburgh. But now I’m back here for the summer :)

Start work again tomorrow with around twice the hours I had during term time, so more money! :D I’ll be doing front counter most likely as well since Martin wants to get me trained up on that (it’s the only area of the store I haven’t been trained in).

@Vicky: I have to say that I’m more likely to be taken up as a ley hero than you my dear… Though I have plans which I need to set in motion…

I have my sword back - it’s been remade and is shiny, but I never had cause to use it at the Moot. Wonder why…

Fucked up this morning though. Slept in (an impressive feat considering the PAs they broadcast) on the boat and missed my train. Had to buy a new fecking ticket which I couldn’t afford. I mean that’s probably going to instigate overdraft charges.

But I saw Doctor Who on Monday morning (I managed to get online and start downloading on Sunday night) so I don’t need to worry about the spoilers that managed to get everywhere. I mean there were spoilers in the Metro I picked up on Monday after watching the ep.

I’m half contemplating going out to the cinema tonight… the only decent thing on is Die Hard 4.0, but it’s something to do. Might wait till Sarah & co return though.

Suppose I could just watch more anime… :D

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Still have another 3 days of travelling ahead of me though.

Tomorrow morning, I head up to Aberdeen to get the ferry to Shetland overnight. Tuesday, I’ll be hanging around Shetland for about 12 hours before I get the ferry back and then Wednesday, I’m coming back down to Edinburgh again. I fully expect to get a phone call over the next few days wanting to know why I’m not at work…

But still, I enjoyed myself in a way at the Moot. It wasn’t exciting and it was boring most of the time, but there were the odd moments where things happened and I had fun. And, despite popular belief, I did not spend half the event OOC to avoid getting slotted. I went down to the Moot again in search of more entertaining events.

Xanthe survived and made some new acquaintances, though not as many as MestariĀ  - I really need to play a character that gets involved in things like the guilds… Keitro wasn’t interested and Xanthe won’t acknowledge anyone as better than him.

I also played around with glamours :D Changing costume halfway through the day for teh win!

Have caught up on LJ and comics now. Only almost a weeks worth of LJ (180-ish posts) and 3 days of comics. Hopefully Doctor Who will finish downloading soon…

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