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So I had an interview today, and I figured I may as well leave an impression.

Pinstripe shirt with rolled up sleeves, black waistcoat, trilby, black leather attache case. While they make me a cup of tea, I pull out the "Top Secret" file from my case and put it on the table next to the trilby.

It went well, we talked about the job, and about other things. Among them IoD. Apparently they had a look at the website and they're really curious about it - so I could end up recruiting my new bosses if I get the job.

While we were discussing that, I pulled the before/after photo from the Top Secret file and showed it to them - they were a bit shocked to say the least - "You look like an entirely different person!"

Still, I'm hoping I made a good and lasting impression. It seems like a really nice job, even if it is Future Job Fund. The position is as an Assistant IT Tutor with the Edinburgh Chambers of Commerce. 30hrs/wk, £6/hr, normal office hours. And it comes with free training as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Since that's one of the things I'd be helping teach. :)

I should hear on Monday whether I've been successful. They were interviewing four people for it today and were going to discuss things tomorrow.

So, wish me luck. :)
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Ok, so it was Christmas, but the alliteration looked better. And the Solstice songs are better. :D

I got stuffs!

Have a handmade woven silver bracelet, chocolate shots, Neverwhere on DVD, Scrubs season 2, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, Boom Blox: Bash Party (all 3 for the Wii), some money, the mandatory toiletries and a brand spanking new 1.5TB external hard drive. Least that's what I remember without going downstairs. Oh and some chocolates.

And of course there was Christmas dinner with duck, mutton and all the trimmings. And a proper homemade-and-marinated-in-brandy-for-months Christmas pudding with Cornish clotted cream. And we'll have another one tomorrow. :D

I'm on an enforced ST-break from Leaping Stag, given that after a month of it, I was starting to burn out from the stress.

Been playing WoW. Just got my main to level 20 last night. Yes, I know, I suck. But that's in under 30 hours playtime and I've only been on this account 3 weeks.

Umm... think that's about all I got...

Hope you're all having a good holiday.

- y.
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I am now the proud recipient of Jobseekers Allowance. This makes me happy. And means I momentarily have money. And that I can keep myself afloat until I have another job.

Thing is, I sent the manager at McDs an email asking if I could maybe get my job back. Two hours later the DWP phone me back and tell me the first payment would be in my account yesterday (ok, so I'm late posting this - sue me).

This made Yoda much happy.

In other things, my Mortals reports are finally done - yay for 5-page long reports... and I've managed to hit the cinema recently. So in rankings of how much I liked them...

1. Star Trek
Simply blew me away from start to finish. There were a few points where I umm-ahhed, but they were few and far-between. I am not ashamed to admit that I had tears on my face after the beginning scene with Kirk's father. The film was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

2. Doghouse
More a horror than I expected from the blurb. You don't expect films with "zombirds" to be quite so scary. But it was. Comedic as well, with space for laughs and adventure, but my arm was dead from Ruth's death-grip...

3. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen
Classic plot, classic bad guys. Fantastic action and special effects. But there were just a few elements that made it somewhat... less than it could be. The "twins" weren't necessary, but did provide a good amount of comic relief which worked well. As much as I like that humans can beat Transformers, I dislike bringing in classic characters just to kill them off again. Like Devastator and the Constructicons. On the other hand, where's Hot Rod? Have to say I did like the new Arcees. They worked nicely.
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I finally remembered to do things in time and so today, for the first time, my business cards for Laine arrived.

For those of you that are not aware, Laine is my Changeling: the Lost secondary in IoD who runs a Hotel in Inverness. And now I have many business cards that attest to this fact. :D As well as a free pen!

I also managed to get two rubber stamps for the princely sum of £0.08. One says "APPROVED" in black ink, the other "Denied!" in red. I'm going to have fun with those...

Also arriving today was my new phone - the HTC Magic (otherwise known as the Google G2). They're not actually out till next week, so when Vodafone phoned me yesterday and said "you know you said you were interested in upgrading to the HTC Magic? Do you want it delivered tomorrow?" I said "yes!" and lo' it did arrive and is currently charging. :D

So all I need now is a job...
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The parents are awesome. I only have Wii Sports, Carnival and one Wiimote, but is quite quite cool.

For those who have similar tech, the address is 6009 7928 9720 3813

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So what have I done since my last post?

  • Worked on my dissertation - actually put in solid work-hours!
  • Went out drinking for my birthday. Had a small meal as well with close friends.
  • Read many books, watched much anime, seen lots of films.
  • Bought all my Christmas presents at the Christmas Market
  • Bought many custom dice
  • Come back home for Christmas
  • Had repetitive bouts of chronic back pain. (Have prescription painkillers for it) (Should really go and take some now)
  • Created a talking chatbot somewhat representative of Jamie Gabbay
  • Gone practically vegetarian at many points
  • Listened to A Very Scary Solstice
  • Gotten annoyed at the WGA strike meaning my TV watching habits have gone to pot. Not that I disagree with the strike, but I like my American TV…
  • Done lots of lovely work at McDonald’s - especially with doing 11 and 12 hours shifts…
  • Resisted the urge to buy lots of stuff from Liam’s
  • Started doing Camarilla - or more to the point Changeling
    • Also did the Cam Regionals as an NPC and played ghosts the entire time I was there :D

Also, anyone got a suggestion for a quote to go on my Gamers t-shirt?

Oh yes, and have yourselves a scary little solstice!

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By a giggling maniac wielding make-up!


It’s alright - I got in a pre-emptive strike! I used my current idiom of “Do unto others quickly, before they can do it to you!” and attacked her with make-up first. I do like the rose


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It’s a bit hard to tell…

The last couple of weeks have been fun. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been being a Freshers Helper. Lots of fun!

It really was as well. The days have blurred into each other; there was free food, drink and sweets; there were many fun people; lots of fun events and lots of cool freshers.

Though I am partially deaf after Live Music on Thursday night - need to go arrange an doc’s appointment for that.

Even so, I’d say this is probably the best start to an academic year I’ve ever had. :D

And they let me into 4th year - the fools!

Starting my game tomorrow - or at least the character gen. Should be lots of fun.

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From the new flat that is.

Still moving in - have got most of my stuff here now, but it still needs unpacking.

Have finally caught up on LJ from the last few days.

We even had a big proper dinner last night - with courses and everything!

Right, shower and then more unpacking… Need to go back to [Sarah]’s as well… and Asda…

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Aug. 6th, 2007 11:25 pm
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Have found a draft timetable for resits.

Mine are Tuesday 16:30 (Langs & Defs) and Wednesday 9:30 (Comp Comms). So Gathering travel should be relatively unhindered. :) Hopefully. If it doesn’t change.

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I went and poked around in someone’s dungeon and when I finally got beaten up, I discovered they had a space version of the game.

I figured I’d give it a go.

The very first room I go into:

“You find yourself in Ensign Lady Ellinor’s private quarters. The ship’s computer alerts you to fantasy.”

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So last night I was walking home from the pub after work, eating a pack of strawberries, and I suddenly had a craving to watch Firefly.

I just can’t figure out why that might be… ;)

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Yesterday (or the day before), I got mail from America - the ICHC buttons! They’re schweet!

Today, I got the Maelstrom mailshot through the mail (though it arrived in Shetland a while ago). It’s shiny and now I have less excuse to not play. :)

Today in Shetland, I got the second of my sets of the Star Wars: Legacy comics delivered (well ok, they arrived a while ago) (they sent two sets by accident and said to keep both sets! :)) as well as a letter from the Heriot-Watt Comp Sci dept.

Now I asked my mum to open it when I got home. Inside it contained one very important piece of news… I got into 4th Year!!! So so schweet…

Of course today had to have downsides as well. Yesterday I worked a 2-close (9 hour shift) and got asked to come in early today. (I was supposed to do another 2-close, but did a 12-close instead). I said ok since I wasn’t doing anything else today.

So first things first… 11-hour shift. I’m beat. Really really beat. I have been for the last 5 hours. I had trouble using a lobby-scoop earlier. Secondly, damn I get bitchy after working that long. Thirdly, ow my feet… really ow… and god the sweat…

Now it was my own fault, but I was up till like 2 last night. (But I did a lot of work on the Sapphire Court ley) And got up at 9. So so far, I’ve had a 15 and a half hour day, 10 of which was actual work plus an hours break on 7 hours of sleep. If it was a normal uni day, that wouldn’t faze me at all, but damn it’s hit me hard today.

And I start work at 11:45 tomorrow as well. And my uniforms are in the wash, so I’ll have to dry them in the morning. Yay..

But tomorrow, I should be finished by 8pm, so I may hit the pub, or the cinema, or both… Anyone doing anything specific tomorrow night?

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