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I'm not happy with how things went down.

I'm writing this the morning after, on Thursday 22nd July 2010. Not whenever this actually appears on your friends list.

I walked out into a combat scene with claws popping. My immediate response to that? Talk to the ST about derangement checks. I also prepped Resilience.

While I was still talking to the ST about derangements, it was decided that I wasn't answering (wasn't paying attention to the room because I was checking books and talking to the ST) and combat rounds were called.

I had no chance to do any of the following:
- Use Nightmare to stop people attacking me so easily
- Use Obfuscate to delay them for a turn or two
- Make any response to the accusations of diablerie

So, yes, I'm pissed.

My character had MPD. One of his personalities is brought out by violence. So it was rather important to know which personality I was in before I reacted to the scene.

And for someone *accused* of diablerie by a member of a clan which is known to hate the family of the character I was playing with no other proof offered to then be summarily executed? That I don't like.

I was given no opportunity to react, and had four people throwing Agg at me.

I could have gone full defence, but you know what difference that would have made? I _might_ have survived to the second round.

If I'd spent the 77 XP (or was it 62?) I had pre-game as I'd been intending to, then I would have been torpored at the end of the round, not ashed. But I was being a responsible player and waiting for my downtime before spending my MC bump.

Hell, I was being a responsible player and not kicking up a fuss about how I didn't get any chance to react before being jobbed because I was talking to the ST and checking rules at the time.

And if people played the setting properly, it wouldn't have necessarily happened like that. (Not the crazy Lance attacking me part, but the other bits)

So yeh, I'm not happy. But I'm not making any complaints about how it was handled by Chris. Because none of it was his fault.
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