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So I had an interview today, and I figured I may as well leave an impression.

Pinstripe shirt with rolled up sleeves, black waistcoat, trilby, black leather attache case. While they make me a cup of tea, I pull out the "Top Secret" file from my case and put it on the table next to the trilby.

It went well, we talked about the job, and about other things. Among them IoD. Apparently they had a look at the website and they're really curious about it - so I could end up recruiting my new bosses if I get the job.

While we were discussing that, I pulled the before/after photo from the Top Secret file and showed it to them - they were a bit shocked to say the least - "You look like an entirely different person!"

Still, I'm hoping I made a good and lasting impression. It seems like a really nice job, even if it is Future Job Fund. The position is as an Assistant IT Tutor with the Edinburgh Chambers of Commerce. 30hrs/wk, £6/hr, normal office hours. And it comes with free training as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Since that's one of the things I'd be helping teach. :)

I should hear on Monday whether I've been successful. They were interviewing four people for it today and were going to discuss things tomorrow.

So, wish me luck. :)
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I've been stolen by Ross and [livejournal.com profile] red_red_rose!

They came all the way from Glasgow, got lost in the fog, grabbed me bodily and threw me in the boot of the car before speeding back to Glasgow. (Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating slightly...)

So am now in Glasgow, sitting on their sofa, being held against my will at gunpoint by my own mother (ok - exaggerating again...) typing this out.

On the bright side, have proved that the wireless card on here works. yay! :D

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I've added a couple of plugins that take in data and spit it out again in some interesting ways. 1 of them provides information on the people on DoC, the other general stats on the blog.

I rejigged some of the formatting as well. I changed how the links display on the sidebar for instance, and added some buttons on the header bar.

The most obvious changes would be the new header image and the change in background colour (which I wouldn't mind opinions on).

Anyway, signing off...

- Yoda.

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Ok, I've been playing around with stuff and I want an opinion. Which of these text effects and fonts do people like better on the image?

look behind here )

added suggestions )

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I have my new laptop!


And i have internets! yay! :D

But no wireless connectivity as yet... :(

For folks interested, I picked up the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A 1650G 3400+ from Comet.


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but i'm looking for some pics of things like Red Bull cans on a crisp light-ish (prob preferably white) background. The sort of thing I can make into a header image for DoC.com.

anyone know of any/willing to create some?

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now that's it's been confirmed that I can in no way afford (even with parental aid) to get my old lappy fixed, i shall be doing several things:

  1. looking to get my stuff off the lappy hard drive

  2. getting a new laptop (with parental help) :)

  3. poking old lappy to see if we can get it working ourselves (i don't trust the engineer's report)

  4. borrowing computers till after Christmas :(

For those of you who want to know, apparently my laptop's motherboard and powerboard need replacing (i could have told them about the powerboard). The cost of this (it's out of warranty) would have been £530-ish :eek: :!: (330 for new mobo, 37 for new powerboard, 94 for labour + vat on parts)

I'll be getting this one as a replacement hopefully. :D

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new stuff

Dec. 16th, 2005 03:27 am
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I've been messing around with my new blog and have added some new features and a coupla pages.

I still need to change the banner tho - it'll look better when I have a custom banner up. Preferably one featuring caffeine of some sort.

On the LJ side of things, w00t! I have more control than I did before and now I have things like tag support as well :D plus I have some shiny new icons (well some old ones as well) thanks to the bonus icons free accounts get now :)

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I've got a new domain and I'm coming to party.

All future updates will be coming from here, drunkoncaffeine.com so change your bookmarks, presuming you have any...

This is Yoda, your neighbourhood green guy, signing off.

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